Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day at the Pharm.

I was looking forward to working this past weekend because I figured I'd get a lot of blogging material from a weekend at the pharm.  But it was a pretty slow weekend and nothing super exciting happened.  There were no enema mishaps, no one needed help with the insertion of vaginal suppositories (my 21 year old tech is surprisingly good at helping out with these problems.  And it always seems to be the same 4 girls from the college down the street.  Hmm, what's up with that?)  I have had some crazy stuff happen to me while working at the pharm, and one day I will tell you all about it, but not today, I have to take a nap soon before the kiddies get home from school... priorities, priorities, people.  I do enjoy this particular pharm, it's never a dull moment thanks to my co-workers who are a bunch a young good looking guys (get those dirty, perverted thoughts out of your head, yes I am talking to you Robbie).  They seem to like the finer things in life, like pearl necklaces and the Eiffel Tower, so we always have a ton to talk about!  I've learned some very important lessons from them, like what not to call your girlfriend when you are drunk, a gauge is used for things other than tires, and that sometimes three is not a crowd.  I often stop and think of my own babies and wonder what they will be like when they are 19, 21, and such.  I pray that they are nothing like these clowns.  Hahaha, kidding!  The youth of today are so different than when I was young.  I remember being at home, in my always clean and organized room, studying and watching PBS.   

(circa 1998)
I could usually be found at the library doing homework and research papers, and geometry was my middle name.  I think I should go dust off my diploma now, after I take that nap.  


  1. Didn't realize clean and organized was in your vocabulary...jk Totally understand that napping is your priority, if it was an Olympic sport you would win gold. Looking forward to all the stories from pharm one day xoxox

  2. First of all Anna...I do believe I resent, or is it resemble, that remark :). Secondly, I'm not sure that your young co-workers have the same idea about pearl necklaces that you have...think back to 1998 when you were studying in the library and drinking in your pic, what did pearl necklace mean then????