Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution... What is yours?

I had such a productive morning... I cleaned the whole house including the toilets, mopped the floors, unpacked some more boxes,  oops, sorry, I got carried away there and thought I was writing an email to my husband.  What I really did this morning was catch up on General Hospital (GH) and take a nap.  I am a champion napper, if I may say so myself.  But today it was much needed.  You see, there was a bus crash on GH and some of the people got hurt, one girl even died.  It was so sad and I cried throughout the whole episode and not just because Brenda wasn't on at all, but because of the crash... remember.  A nap was really the only way I would feel better and get my mind off of it.  Ok, but enough about me.

What is your New Years Resolution?  Mine is to be more crafty.  I went to A.C. Moore the other day.  Have you people been to that store?  It's amazing.  It's a crafty person's heaven!  I spent hours in there, it was so much fun and I left feeling more crafty than ever.  I bought a whole bunch of stuff, and can't wait to use it.  But, that was on Tuesday and it is still sitting in the A.C. Moore bag that I brought it home in and left in the living room.  I was reminded by a friend that simply buying the crafty stuff does not actually make one crafty, you must actually use the stuff that was purchased and make something with it.  Otherwise it's just called "shopping" and I was already really good at that.  So, I am making a promise to myself that on Monday, while the kids are in school, I will start my crafting journey.  I picked Monday because it is the start of a new week, diets usually start on Mondays (well, atleast mine always starts on a Monday) and new episodes of GH start on Monday and Gossip Girl is on Monday.... if it's good enough for Serena and Blair than by golly it is good enough for me.  Monday night I will post a pic of my progress.  Wish me luck :)
Well, it's almost time for the kiddies to get home from school.  I am shocked school wasn't cancelled today with all of this snow.  I must go take a quick power nap tidy up before they get here.  Until next time......


  1. I'm impressed that u even took the bag out of the car. Very cute =)

  2. I mean really, i'll read anything on a page that says cocktails by the kiddie pool. I'm practically an olympic gold medalist in that sport. But seriously, very good job anna. who knew you were so artsy between writing and photography. Who needs crafty? Love ya!!!!!!

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  4. Let's try this again...first attempt failed...sigh.

    I am not going to say that I am doing anything crazy like getting crafty, that would be like saying I was planning on finding religion, except less likely :)! However, since I am living in cowtown now (nickname for Calgary, cause of all the cowboys here) I am starting riding lessons next week. YeeHaw!! Bring on the horses!! Mind you I am riding English, not Western, cause English style has better boots!!

  5. Wow...I must say...when I first got your e-mail about this I actually thought "this must be a virus." Anna, a blog? NNNOOOO.... and then I came to realize that it WAS actually YOU BLOGGING. I'm really impressed! You're doing a great job! xoxoxox