Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mom, Interrupted

Last night, kids all over slept with their pj's inside out, flushed ice cubes down the toilet, did silly dances, and probably many more rituals that my kiddies aren't aware of yet.  All for the sake of a snow day.  And it worked!  My kids were so excited, they got to sleep in, play Wii, board games and spent quite a bit of time outside frolicking in the snow.  For me a snow day means an extra shot of whiskey espresso in my morning coffee and hiding in the bathroom periodically to check emails and watch a few minutes of GH here and there.  My kiddies have some sort of crazy magical power that lets them know the second I get on the phone or go anywhere near my laptop so they can run over and interrupt.  And even though I am often followed into the bathroom, it really is the safest place to hide.  I spent all morning with them playing games, anything they wanted, I even fed them.... twice!  Breakfast AND Lunch!  And then I helped them get dressed in their warm snow clothes and led then outside to play and frolic with their friends in the snow.  I then baked a cake while they were outside (ok it was a mix and really not that difficult to do, but still!)  So really, what is so wrong with me checking my email or taking a phone call every once in a while.  They run a tight ship, and I often have to wonder who is in charge around here.  Then there's my hubby, who swears he is the only one who didn't go into the office today.  He has been on "calls" all day, locked in the spare bedroom doing "work".  He is probably "working" on his fantasy football lineup or whatever it is you do with your fantasy football team.
Well, I better get going.  There are only so many times a day you can tell your kids you are doing #2 without them getting worried and calling the ambulance because they think you have food poising, and I don't want my cover blown (no pun intended)!
Stay Warm! xoxo


  1. Great post, got a good laugh.

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  2. Did you really bake a cake?!?!?!?

  3. thanks :)
    and yes, i did bake a cake! it was just a mix, but i did add choco chips which makes it more gourmet ;)

  4. You made the brekkie AND lunch???? Man, those kids are spoiled..! ;)

  5. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
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  6. Blogging from the loo is a great cover, why didn't I think of that? Have just tagged you in a post by the way:

  7. Wow I feel your pain! She says, with her one kid.

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  8. Funny! I feel your pain! I am a new follower and, although I follow from my newest blog which is to promote my photography, I would also love for you to stop by my family blog too.